July through December 2014 Update

From July to December 2014 SSFS:

  • Provided services to 1,326 adult victims and 103 children;

  • Our 24-hour Hotline answered 948 calls;

  • We provided Emergency Shelter to 4 adults and their 12 children;

  • Our Prevention Specialists made 323 presentations to 6,367 elementary, junior high, and high school students;

  • Our Hospital Advocates spoke to 15,326 women and men in four south suburban emergency rooms and three urgent aid clinics, and provided 231 with immediate assistance;

  • Project RENEW provided economic assistance to 40 adult victims and their children;

  • The Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) facilitated 182 group sessions with 171 participants, and ran 78 group lectures with 594 participants;

  • Our Court Advocates at the Markham Courthouse helped 227 victims obtain an Order of Protection, and provided information on DV law to 556 victims;

  • The Sanctuary served 19 families who were homeless due to foreclosure, economic hardship, or domestic violence, including 37 children; and,

  • The Counseling program provided direct services to 295 adult clients and 91 children.