July through December 2016 Update

From July through December 2016:

  • SSFS provided services to 1,251 adult victimes and 95 children
  • our 24-hour Hotline answered 851 calls
  • SSFS provided Emergency Shelter to 14 adults and their 18 childrem
  • our Prevention Specialists made 368 presentations to 8,649 elementary, junior high, and high school students
  • our Hospital Advocates spoke to 17,215 women and men in four south suburban emergency rooms and three urgent aid clinics, identified 3,166 as having been victims of domestic violence at some time in their lives, and provided 339 with immediate assistance
  • Project RENEW provided economic, educational and/or housing assistance to 17 adult victims and their children
  • the Partner Abuse Intervention Program facilitated 216 group sessions with 324 participants
  • our Court Advocates at the Markham Courthouse helped 168 victims obtain an Order of Protection, and provided information on DV law to 398 victims
  • the Sanctuary served 17 families who were homeless, including 32 children
  • the Counseling program provided direct services to 264 adult clients and 58 children.